College Students Tell Senate Judiciary Committee that Free Speech is Under Attack on Campuses

During the Reign-of-Terror, as I like to refer to the Obama years, liberals became emboldened by the administration and liberal courts. Many colleges and universities are run by liberals and they took it upon themselves to trample on the First Amendment rights of students. Yes, students were free to speak out in favor any of the perverse and anti-American rhetoric that was permeating the nation, but conservative and Christian students were silenced on campus after campus. Now some students are speaking out against the academic attack on free speech.

College students and professors delivered a dire warning to Capitol Hill Tuesday that free speech on campus is coming under “attack,” telling lawmakers that conservative views are in danger of being “shut down.”

Students who say they’ve faced “considerable backlash” for exercising First Amendment rights testified as part of a packed panel of witnesses before the Senate Judiciary Committee. 

“In classrooms, liberal arguments are often treated as unquestionable truths,” said Zachary Wood, a 21-year-old student at Williams College in Massachusetts…

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I applaud the students who were brave enough to testify before the Senate, but have to wonder how many of them will face retribution by their college or university when they return to campus. It wouldn’t be the first time university officials took disciplinary actions against students who dared to speak the truth. Some students have even faced suspensions and expulsions for exercising their First Amendment rights.




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