Coalition of State AGs File Brief with Supreme Court Urging Them to Uphold Trump’s Travel Ban

If you listen to the mainstream media or the Democrats in Washington and across the nation, you would think that no one in their right mind would favor or endorse President Donald Trump’s executive order banning all travel from six Middle East nations known for producing terrorists. But then, no one with a right mind would agree that the mainstream media or Democrats were in their right mind or had any sense of intelligence or care about America and the American people.

Washington Democrats, like Schumer and Warren, seem to forget that terrorism is a real threat to the United States or that steps need to be taken immediately to help secure our national safety.

Under eight years of Democratic rule from the White House, our borders have been left open to countless terrorists and would-be terrorists, plus let alone to millions of illegal aliens. Ranchers along the southern border with Mexico have reported finding troves of debris and items left behind by Muslims. Among those items are prayer rugs, Qurans, prayer beads, clothing and other written material. There were reports that ISIS was working with Mexican drug cartels to gain access into the US through their drug trafficking corridors. Yet, neither Obama nor any of the Democrats in Washington did or said anything to secure the border and stop the influx of illegals and possible terrorists.

The former governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, repeatedly asked Obama to come and tour the border to see for himself the issues facing the state and the nation, but he refused every invitation, saying there was no problem. Former Texas governor Rick Perry also invited Obama to visit the border, but as with Arizona, Obama refused and said there was no problem.

When Donald Trump announced that he wanted to secure the border, Democrats were outraged, indicating they cared nothing about national security or the safety and welfare of our nation and our people.

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As President, Donald Trump had every legal and constitutional right to issue his executive order placing a temporary ban on all travel, including immigration and refugees from six nations known for producing terrorists. Ironically, it was the Obama administration that had identified and singled out those nations, but now that Republicans are in control, Democrats care not.

At least some politicians do care about our national security and are taking steps to prompt the US Supreme Court to take the right and necessary action.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, posted that he was leading a coalition of state attorney’s general in support of President Trump’s executive order. Paxton wrote:

“On Tuesday, I filed a brief urging the Supreme Court to uphold President Donald Trump’s executive order temporarily pausing the entry of foreign nationals from six terror-prone counties.”

“Supreme Court review is needed because the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit recently ruled against the valid executive order. I am leading a multistate coalition asking the Supreme Court to permit the president to exercise his lawful authority to protect the homeland.”

“What the 4th Circuit completely missed is that the executive order is a tailored response to a very real threat to our national security.”

“A pause on entry from countries with heightened security concerns—such as Libya, where authorities arrested suspects linked to the horrific attack in Manchester—is justified to ensure that new arrivals are thoroughly vetted…”

In addition, Paxton wrote:

“Unfortunately, it seems that some federal judges, like the majority of the court that opined against the president’s executive order, are now substituting their ‘politically desired outcome’ for the law, to quote dissenting Judge Paul Niemeyer.”

“The multistate brief that I filed shows courts have long recognized that the federal government has the power to exclude aliens.”

“In fact, the U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly described the ability to refuse the admission of aliens into our country as a core federal prerogative, which is ‘inherent in sovereignty’ and necessary ‘for defending the country against foreign encroachments and dangers’…”

Hopefully, the brief Paxton and the other state attorneys general, filed with the Supreme Court will be taken seriously, especially since Paxton represents one of the states that have been experiencing many problems with Obama’s open border policy.

If lower courts are allowed to overrule the President of the United States and Congress, then they set themselves up as a judicial dictatorship. Our Founding Fathers intended the judicial branch of government to be the least powerful of the three branches, not the most powerful. President Trump and Congress need to take action to stop the agenda driven liberal courts from taking absolute control of America.

What can you as an American do? Pray. Pray that the Supreme Court will rule on law and not agenda as the lower courts have done.


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