CNN Throws Temper Tantrum over New White House Press Policy

CNN combined with MSNBC are without doubt to two most liberal members of the mainstream media. CNN has also been accused of late of running a plethora of fake news stories intended to brainwash a gullible public into believing Democratic liberal ideology. When the White House announced that they were being more restricted with their press briefings, CNN reacted like a young child told he couldn’t have a cookie.

There is one very important fact that Americans tend to forget about CNN and other mainstream, 24-hour news networks:  Their only objective is to sell commercial advertising.

It’s a very important distinction to be made, yet, as we groom future generations for adulthood, we are continuing to perpetuate the stereotypical view of CNN and the others -namely, that they are sources of news.  

Sure, CNN, Fox, and a litany of similarly-scheduled programming will provide you with information as to what is happening in the world today, but they are doing so simply to entice you into watching commercials.  The pacing and delivery of your news will come at planned and tested intervals, maintaining a rhythmic enthusiasm meant to swell just before sending you two or three minutes of paid advertisements.  It’s simple trickery, and it is all hinged upon how entertaining the network can be.  This makes it easy to see how the entire network can be easily coerced or corrupted to suit the agenda of both their owners and their advertisers…

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The only reason CNN wants free access to record all White House briefings is so they can edit, twist and ridicule what was said. It’s impossible for them to actually report honest news straight up without contorting it to fit their ultra-left-wing liberal anti-conservative ideology, which is one of the main reasons for the White House taking the actions they have with White House press briefings.




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