CNN Headquarters Target of Protests Over Media’s Fake News

Beginning a couple of years ago, liberals began targeting conservative outlets and trying to silence them from spreading the truth. One of their methods was label many truthful reports as fake news and then using that to blacklist their email newsletters. However, at the same time, liberal media outlets continued to use fake news to persuade the public to rise up against conservatives. One such media outlet is CNN and their fake news is coming back to haunt them.

The ridiculousness of the establishment media has not gone unnoticed in recent months, with allegations of “fake news” seemingly littering the journalistic landscape.

It began during the election of 2016, when Hillary Clinton was desperately searching for a scapegoat to blame her underwhelming performance on.  It was the Russians!  Or Wikileaks!  Or white American racists!  Or “fake” news!

That last excuse seems to have stuck, at least for the time being, as the ridiculous assertion has been passed around the mainstream media in droves.  At first, it was CNN and other mainstream outlets that were employing the term to attack journalists at Breitbart, Infowars, and other conservative leaning sites, but in a bit of delicious irony, a virtual Pandora’s Box was opened by allowing the label into our free speech society.  Now, CNN and other major news monopolies are falling victim to the assertion that they themselves are “fake news”…

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It’s about time that conservative rise up and take action against the liberals that have been trying to silence them and who themselves are guilty of spreading false news and misleading the general public. Not only should conservatives protest against liberal media outlets who spread fake news, like CNN, but they need to take legal action if possible to hold them accountable for their fake news stories.




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