CNN Forced to Admit Erroneous Reporting

Liberals were ready to bet the farm last week that James Comey would provide testimony that would be extremely damaging to President Donald Trump. For two days prior to his testifying, CNN, THE most liberal and unreliable news service in America, ran stories of how Comey was going to bury Trump. However, Comey didn’t bury Trump and CNN has been forced to admit that they jumped the gun and reported false news.

It’s already clear the mainstream media was one of Thursday’s biggest losers. Former FBI director James Comey ripped the New York Times and other news outlets for using anonymous sources and classified material they didn’t understand to report on Trump’s ties to Russian officials.

But in the wake of Comey’s testimony, CNN added to its own embarrassment. Thursday night, the network was forced to issue a correction after it reported—for two days straight—that once under oath, Comey would dispute the President’s claims that Comey had assured him he was not under FBI investigation.

The story, titled “Comey Expected to Refute Trump,” was (of course) based on the word of “several anonymous sources.” Four reporters—Gloria Borger, Eric Lichtblau, Jake Tapper and Brian Rokus—were listed on the byline…

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In the past, CNN has been quick to accuse conservative media outlets and websites of reporting fake news when they have reported the truth. As they say, be careful of throwing stones in a glass house, and CNN was throwing a ton of them and their glass house has suffered for it. After this past week, it should prove to the world that you cannot trust CNN to report anything honestly and fairly.




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