CNN Axes Kathy Griffin’s Co-Hosting of New Year’s Eve Program

Griffin was photographed holding up a mask of Donald Trump that was very bloody and gruesome. She has received tons of backlash for the disgusting stunt. She has co-hosted the CNN New Year’s Eve program since 2007 with Anderson Cooper. Cooper also complained that her stunt was disgusting. Trump said that his young son Barron was extremely upset over the Griffin stunt.

CNN announced Wednesday the network will be ending Kathy Griffin’s hosting duties for its New Year’s Eve program after the comedian’s disturbing photo shoot with a bloodied Trump mask. 

“CNN has terminated our agreement with Kathy Griffin to appear on our New Year’s Eve program,” the network announced Wednesday on Twitter. 

A spokesperson for the network called the photos “disgusting and offensive” on Tuesday…

It’s great to see such a liberal media organization like CNN finally take action against someone like Griffin over what can best be described as deplorable display of insensitivity equal to the demonstrations of ISIS terrorists. The only difference between what Griffin did and what ISIS terrorist have done is she used a mask of someone instead of a real head, but they both just as disgusting and offensive. Hopefully, that stunt will end her career and send a message to other flaming liberals.

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