CNN Accused of Staging Pro-Muslim News After London Attack

CNN has faced a number of accusations of reporting or staging fake news. The media outlet is known for being one of the most liberal in the nation. Now, they are being accused of staging a pro-Muslim news filming in London after Saturday’s Islamic terrorist attack. It would not be surprising to discover that in fact they did mislead viewers with their story, but then they are among the liberal sites that accuse conservatives of fake news for reporting the truth.

CNN is being accused of creating a pro-Muslim narrative for a live TV shot just hours after Saturday’s terrorist attack in London, but the network is calling the claim “nonsense.” 

In a YouTube video published Sunday, it appears that reporter Becky Anderson directed several self-described “Muslim mothers” to stand behind her as they show support for London Police.

The network slammed the allegations in a statement to Fox News…

They may continue to deny the accusations of staging something that wasn’t true, but the video released over the weekend clearly shows their guilt. Like most liberals, even in the presence of incontrovertible evidence, they will deny doing any wrong and blame it on everyone else, kind of Hillary Clinton and her loss. She has blamed everyone except herself which is not the sign of the type of leader America needs.

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