Christians Persecuted in India for Trying to Convert Hindus

Have you noticed just how far down the path to destruction the entire world has traveled? By that, I am referring to the tolerance of persecution of some religions but not others.

Note how the world in general has reacted to the ongoing problems between Israel’s Jews and the Muslims surrounding them. Whenever Muslim militants, quite often Palestinians, attack and kill Jews in Israel, the world in general seems to just shrug their shoulders and say, ‘oh well’. But when Israel retaliates and kills any Palestinian Muslims, the world in general yells and complains and condemns Israel, while ignoring why Israel took the actions they did.

When Barack Obama was in office, he made a huge public deal out of any killing of Muslims, while turning his back on the needless torture of hundreds and thousands of Christians. Obama supported the militant Muslim regime of Egypt while they were systematically beating, raping, burning and murdering hundreds of Egypt’s Coptic Christians. You want to know what Obama’s response was? He defied Congress and violated the US Constitution by freeing up over $50 million and the sale of 20 F-16 fighter jets to the very Islamic regime in Egypt that was persecuting the countries Christians. It seems that no one else in the world condemned Egypt for the genocidal attacks on their Christian population.

Over the past few years, there have been a number of examples of the persecution of Christians worldwide, and in most cases, the United States and the rest of the world turned a blind eye. Here are just a few examples:

Indonesia: A Muslim mob attacked a store being used for Sunday service. Police arrived after the mob trashed the first floor of the building. They ended up arresting a dozen of the Christian worshipers while no members of the Muslim mob were arrested. Additionally, over 20 Christian churches were ordered torn down by Islamic clerics. The number of violations of the rights of Christians have been taking place at an alarming rate.

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Iran: Another Christian church in the capital city of Tehran have been ordered to close. Christian converts have been missing for 5 months. One Iranian woman who converted to Christianity was found shot to death in her car.

Pakistan: Militant Muslims use Christian converts deemed to be mentally retarded to persuade other Christians to convert back to Islam. Muslims beat pregnant Christian mom, causing her to lose the twins she was carrying. After beating the mom, they raped the 13-year-old daughter. Now police are siding with the Muslim perpetrators.

Kashmir: 400 Christians have been left without a place of worship when Muslims burned down their 119-year-old church.

Mali: Muslim extremist have taken control of the northern part of the country and have instituted strict Sharia law. They have been using Sharia law to victimize Christian women.

Kazakhstan: Government officials are abusing land use rules in order to force the closure of Methodist church. They also fined the pastor’s wife for placing an ad in the local newspaper.

Turkey:  The Hagia Sophia once was the most prominent Christian cathedral, but now is a museum. Local Muslims are now demanding that the former Christian church be opened as a mosque.

Saudi Arabia: Christians arrested and imprisoned for worshiping in private homes.  Other Christians have been beaten, strip searched and interrogated by government authorities.

Nigeria: Dozens of Christians have been murdered and churches bombed every Sunday in June.

Sudan: After South Sudan seceded last year, the two Christian churches were bulldozed down and three Catholic schools were taken over by the militant Muslims. Muslim man converts to Christianity. His wife sues for divorce and is granted custody of the kids by the courts.

Turkmenistan: Muslim government representatives raided a Christian church, confiscated all of their literature and questioned everyone present.

South Africa: Coastal KZN As-Salaam campus officials demanded all students in the dormitory observe Islam. When students refuse, 70 are evicted and left homeless.

United States:  Two Muslim men converted to Christianity and now receiving death threats from Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard.  Dearborn, Michigan, police side with Muslims who hurl stones and other debris at Christians. In Pennsylvania, a Muslim judge tells victim of beating that it was his fault for disrespecting Islam.

Now we can add India to the list of nations indulging in the persecution of Christians. Ten Christians have been arrested for allegedly trying to convert some Hindu youth to Christianity. When authorities stopped and detained the Christians, they were enroute with the children to a summer camp. The Christians had the parents’ permission to take the kids to the summer camp. According to Indian officials, the parents failed to file the necessary paperwork that they and the children had converted to Christianity, so legally the children were still Hindu, meaning the 10 Christians were violating the Madhya Pradesh Religious Freedom Act of 1968.

According to Police Superintendent Krishnaveni Desavatu:

“For changing to another religion, one needs to submit a written application to the district collector and only after the stipulated process, a person can change religious identity, which didn’t happen in the case of any of the parents claiming to be Christians.”

Chances are had the religions been reversed and the family had been Christians converting to Hinduism, no arrests would have been made.

And where was the world and public outcry? There wasn’t any. That’s because throughout most of the world, including the United States, it’s perfectly acceptable to persecute Christians and Jews, just not Muslims, Hindus or any other religion. Hence, the world has traveled a long way down the path to utter destruction.


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