California Liberals Make Move to Endanger Children

A parent’s worst nightmare is to learn that their child is the victim of a sex offender. The thought of your innocent child being molested or worse is beyond imagination and enough to dive some parents to contemplate killing the offender. If you are a parent and live in California, you need to know that your state legislature just took step towards removing some child sex offenders from the lifetime sex offender registry.

It’s a debate engulfed with concern and emotion in California, as a number of criminal justice leaders and lawmakers – including Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey – work to revamp the state’s sex offender registry system.

As it stands, more than 105,000 people are listed as sex offenders in California; however, the state Senate recently approved a proposal that would allow the names of those who had committed non-violent or lower-level sex offenses to be expunged after one or two decades.

California is one of just four states in the country that mandates lifetime enrollment for sex offenders, joining Florida, Alabama and South Carolina. The existing law necessitates that those convicted provide addresses, employee names, fingerprints, license plate numbers and photos to the state Department of Justice after leaving prison, and such information — with the exception of juvenile culprits and those found guilty of incest thus to protect related victims — is available to the public on its website…

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California is THE most liberal state in the nation. They have passed or tried to pass many of the most anti-American laws of any state. They offer full benefits along with sanctuary protection to illegal aliens, plus given them access to voting illegally in all elections. They also passed the nation’s first cap and trade bill and now they want to place your children in more danger from child molesters.




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