California Bakery Honors Convicted Terrorist & Murderer

Another sign of the degree of how far into the depths of anti-Americanism liberals are fallen can be seen in the mural at a bakery in Oakland. The mural honors Rasmea Odeh, a convicted terrorist who was involved in a deadly bombing in Jerusalem in 1969, which killed two people. Bakery owner said it’s to stir conversation. What it’s stirring is more than conversation.

A social-justice bakery in Oakland chose a controversial subject for its wall mural: Rasmea Odeh, a woman convicted as a terrorist for her role in a deadly 1969 bombing in Jerusalem.

The bakery’s founder, Reem Assil, told SF Eater she wanted her bakery to be “a place where people can really sort of speak their mind and maybe have the hard conversations and talk their politics.” Elaborating on that idea to Berkleyside, she said, “If my food can stir up a conversation—even if it’s a hard conversation—that’s what I want to do. I welcome that it my space.”

Odeh, the subject of Assil’s mural, also used food politically, albeit in a much more sinister fashion…

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Something like this could only happen in an ultra-liberal place like Oakland. Can you imagine what would happen if someone would have done this in a more conservative city or community? Hopefully, enough people will find the mural so offensive that Assil loses so much business that he has to close his doors and find himself out of business and out of a job.




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