BREAKING: Trump Says Era of Strategic Patience with North Korea is Over

From the time Donald Trump was sworn into office, he has been trying to use diplomatic channels and resources to ease the mounting tensions with North Korea and so far, everything seems to have failed. Even China has not fully cooperated with trying to de-escalate the situation. As he met today with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, Trump announced that the strategic patience has failed and that the US will defend itself and our allies

President Trump said Friday that the “era of strategic patience with the North Korean regime has failed,” as he met with South Korea’s president in Washington to discuss the nuclear weapons threat from Pyongyang and other top issues.

“Frankly, that patience is over,” he said, citing the death of American student Otto Warmbier as an example of the brutality of the North Korean regime.

“The United States will defend itself, always will defend itself” and its allies, Trump said…

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No one is saying if this means war, which is something Trump and everyone else except Kim Jong-un wants to avoid. However, the US military is gearing up to be ready in case North Korea carries out any acts of military aggression against the United States or our allies. Amidst the meeting, Trump said he is also trying to narrow the trade deficit between the US and South Korea.




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