BREAKING: Comey Testfies – No Obstruction of Justice by Trump

Fired FBI Director James Comey testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee today. He verified Trump’s claim that he was not pressured or asked to drop the investigation into Michael Flynn. Trump’s attorney did rebuff some of Comey’s statements and provided evidence that Comey was in error in some of what he told the Senators.

President Trump’s legal team shot back Thursday at James Comey’s Senate testimony, defending the president in a brawny statement against the fired FBI director’s more damaging claims and asserting Comey himself could now be in legal jeopardy for his admission he’d leaked details of “privileged” conversations.

Trump’s personal lawyer, Marc Kasowitz, also said Comey’s testimony backed up Trump on key points — affirming that the president “never sought to impede” the Russia probe, and that while he was FBI director, Comey told Trump several times he wasn’t the subject of an investigation.

The president’s lawyer issued the rebuttal in a written statement that he read to reporters during a brief post-hearing appearance…

The ‘smoking gun’ Democrats had hoped for never happened. However, some of what Comey did say could be deemed as damaging, if proven to be true. Trump’s attorney. Marc Kasowitz quickly shot down some of the testimony such as to when Comey leaked memos to the press. Kasowitz pointed out that the New York Times was quoting from the memo Comey leaked the day before a tweet that Comey referenced.

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