BREAKING: 9 Probes Yield NO Evidence Against Trump

Democrats have been working hard to uncover any kind of evidence to prove wrong doing on the part of Donald Trump in hopes that they can somehow either nullify the election results or oust him from office. However, with 9 different investigations being conducted, not one shred of evidence has yet to be found to indicate that Trump or any of his close team are guilty of anything.

The expansive investigation into Russian meddling and possible collusion with Trump associates has grown so vast that no fewer than nine congressional committees and federal agencies are now examining some offshoot of the controversy.

And despite the inquiries to date having produced no indictments or hard evidence of collusion between the president’s men and a foreign power, even more officials and entities are looking to bite off a piece of the probe.

“The main problem is that after months and months of multiple investigations, no one has found any evidence of collusion,” a congressional source told Fox News. “So the Democrats are trying to shift the focus from collusion to obstruction, and since it doesn’t look like that will pan out for them either, they surely have some new accusation ready to put out there. It’s in their political interest to drag out these investigations as long as possible.” …

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Someone needs to start asking if it’s worth the time and cost (undoubtedly millions) to continue all of the different investigations which so far have proven Trump is innocent of all allegations made against him, especially the ones claiming he colluded with Russia to win the election. I keep asking people to think about the current tension that’s built between Trump and Russia. Had they been in collusion with each other, none of this tension would exist.




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