Bill Reintroduced to Stop Obama’s Back-Door Scheme to Shutdown Gun Stores

In 2013, Operation Choke Point was launched by the Department of Justice. Supposedly, they are using this to investigate banks and the companies they do business with that the DOJ deems as a high risk for fraud. Among the businesses deemed as high risk by the FDIC are: firearms, ammunition, fireworks, lottery sales, life-time memberships, coin dealers, home-based charities, money transfer networks, telemarketing, tobacco sales, credit repair services and others.

By declaring these types of industries as high risk, it puts pressure on the banks and other financial institutions to not lend them money. If the banks do lend them the money, they stand a chance of being penalized by the federal government.

Mark Cohen, the owner of Powderhorn Outfitters, in Massachusetts, applied for a line of credit with the bank that they’ve been doing business with them from the beginning. He was shocked when the bank turned him down. It wasn’t because of their credit or anything financial. It was due to Obama’s Operation Choke Point. Cohen did some research and discovered that Obama was using Operation Choke Point to shutdown firearms dealers since he couldn’t legislate his gun control agenda.

Back in 2014, Rep. Darrell Issa, (R-CA) Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee called for Operation Choke Point to be stopped immediately. He said that Obama is using the program to weed out businesses that he considers to be objectionable. In other words, any private business that Obama doesn’t like, he had his puppet, then US Attorney General Eric Holder, use the powers of the Department of Justice to put pressure on the financial institutions to stop doing business with Obama’s targeted company.

Issa stated the danger, saying:

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“If you empower the government to pick winners and losers within a lawful enterprise, then there is no place to stop.”

The House did take action and passed a bill to stop all funding for Operation Choke Point, but the bill died in the Democrat controlled Senate.

What happened to Powderhorn Outfitters also happened to Hawkins Guns LLC. After working for the state of Wisconsin for eight years as a probation and parole officer, Mike Schuetz opened a small gun shop and private investigation business in Hawkins, Wisconsin.

He had been doing business with the Heritage Credit Union and used them to set up his business account for Hawkins Guns LLC. Then in November 2014, the credit union informed him that he had to come in and close his business account because he deals with guns.

According to the NRA-ILA:

“This week, Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer (R-MO) reintroduced the Financial Institution Customer Protection Act, a bill aimed at permanently dismantling Operation Choke Point (OCP)…”

“Rep. Luetkemeyer’s legislation would institute numerous reforms to bring more transparency and accountability to federal oversight of banks, all aimed at preventing the sort of unchecked enforcement discretion and twisting of legislative language at the heart of OCP.”

“For example, the bill would require regulators that suggest or order a bank to terminate a customer’s account to have a ‘material reason’ for doing so and to put the directive in writing, with reference to any specific laws or regulations the enforcement agency believes are being violated. Moreover, no such reason could be based solely on ‘reputational risk,’ the supposed basis for including firearm and ammunition businesses within the scope of OCP’s ‘high risk’ target list.”

“Regulating agencies would also have to submit annual reports to Congress documenting any such requests or orders.”

Congress is so busy investigating President Donald Trump over allegations of collusion with Russia and the 2016 elections, that they are ignoring all of the many scandals surrounding Barack Obama and his many many illegal actions, of which Operation Choke Point was one. Obama intentionally abused his position and power in his attempt to shut down gun stores throughout the nation.

I’ve contended for the past 8-years that Barack Obama is guilty of many crimes and should be in prison for the rest of his sorry life. Operation Choke Point is just of those illegal actions.



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