Baseball Team to Hand Out Insulting Gifts on Father’s Day

There is no doubt that American society is decaying rapidly before our eyes. In my lifetime, I have seen this nation go from a family and Christian oriented nation to one of open perversion and attacks on the family and Christianity.

When I graduated from high school, any sex outside of marriage was considered a social and religious sin. Yes, teens did have sex, but it wasn’t nearly as rampant or open as it is now. Very few couples lived together without being married and any extramarital affairs were not only grounds for divorce, but were still considered socially unacceptable, greatly tarnished and even ruined the reputation of both the man and woman.

Homosexuality was still considered a sin against God and unacceptable in any form. Many states had sodomy laws that made gay sex a criminal offense, as it still should be. Most gays and lesbians kept their perversions private and hidden because they knew it was wrong.

No one dared to openly attack Christianity or the Christian values and principles America was founded on. Christian churches were still thought to be sacred as were the ministers, whom were men trying to live as the Bible dictates. Blaspheming against God, Jesus and the Bible was still socially unacceptable and could get someone in a lot of trouble as well as ostracized from society.

Families were still made up of a father and mother, who had kids the natural way. You never saw a family with two dads or two moms and although divorce was legal, it still carried a very negative stigma with it. Marriage was one man with one woman for life, in most cases.

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Then a few liberal hate-filled atheists challenged the entire system and persuaded the Supreme Court to ban God, Jesus, prayer and the Bible from public-schools and much of public and government life.

That’s when America began its death spiral into destruction.

Look at America today. Thanks to Obama and his fellow Democrats, the sacred institution of marriage has been undermined and replaced by something perverse and, as God describes it – ‘an abomination’. A growing number of kids are being raised by two fathers or two mothers. Gays lesbians, transgenders and others who are just plain confused or rebellious, openly walk the streets in parades and frequent entertainment places that cater to their sinfulness.

Christianity is now openly blasphemed, ridiculed and mocked, while it’s not allowable to even question or suggest that many of the lifestyles permeating our nation are sinful, wrong and should not be tolerated, let alone given preferential treatment by our government and courts.

Our kids, as young as kindergarten, are being taught in public-schools that homosexuality is normal. As they move into middle school, they are being taught that they should experiment with sex and homosexuality. Is it any wonder that we have a lost generation that hates America?

The sexual permissiveness and perversions have infiltrated many liberal churches and even professional sports. Some professional athletes are making names for themselves by announcing they are gay, as if that makes them special.

A sign of the moral decay and decadence of America can be seen by the upcoming promotion of a minor league baseball team in Florida. The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp are currently a Double-A farm team of the Florida Marlins.

The baseball team has announced that at today’s Thirsty Thursday celebration, they will be handing out pregnancy test kits. The team is billing it as:

“You Might Be a Father” promotion.

In announcing the insulting promotion, the team website stated:

“So you’ll know if you need to return for Sunday’s Father’s Day game. It will be an evening filled with suspense, intrigue and manila envelopes.”

Team General Manager Harold Craw stated:

“We were just sitting around at the promotion meeting, looking at our calendar. That’s something that plays to our Thirsty Thursday crowd, which tends to be young professionals and college students. They like to laugh and have a good time and would appreciate it being tongue-in-cheek.”

I remember a time when learning if a woman was pregnant was a private matter between her doctor and husband. In today’s America, creating a new life is nothing special or private.

What’s happening in our nation these days makes me weep and long for the days of morality and decency.


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