Anti-Trump Protesters in Portland Have Become Armed Anarchists

Portland, Oregon once was a beautiful and peaceful city, but since Democrats have taken control, it’s become a city filled with hate and anger over any form conservatism. This weekend’s protests clearly demonstrated how far the city as degenerated. As the pro-Trump Free Speech Rally gathered to show their support of President Trump and free speech, anti-Trump protesters also gathered. Some of them were armed with knives, brass knuckles, bricks, clubs, hammers, batons, mace, crowbars, axes and other weapons. Police made some arrests after having to use flash grenades and pepper bullets to disperse the armed anarchists.

If you want to get an idea of just how high tensions are running in Portland, where rival protest groups have clashed repeatedly in recent months, you could start by looking at the caches of weapons seized by police at a demonstration over the weekend in the city’s downtown.

There are axes and crowbars, dozens of sticks and makeshift clubs, canisters of mace, knives, hammers, batons and even a set of brass knuckles. Together, they offer an unsettling glimpse of the violence that has seeped into Portland’s protests as the city has drawn extremists on the left and right in increasing numbers, becoming something of a proxy for the country’s ideological battles.

On Sunday, thousands of protesters and counterprotesters converged in the heart of Portland’s business and government district for a pro-Trump free-speech rally. Once again, throngs of black-clad antifascist or “antifa” activists faced off with right-wing demonstrators in Americana garb…

It’s ironic that the people protesting against hate and bigotry are the ones most guilty of being intolerant, hateful and bigots. They will resort to violence if necessary to stop others from exercising their constitutional rights while demanding their right to do the same. Realize that these armed anarchists are Clinton and Sanders supporters and had Hillary won this is what our nation would be like.

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