Anti-Sharia Law Rallies Across Nation Today

A number of cities, today, will see anti-sharia law rallies taking place. In the wake of all of the terrorist attacks and influx of Muslims into the United States, many Americans are concerned about Islamic sharia laws being enacted and upheld over existing local, state and federal laws. Some states have tried to pass bills preventing sharia laws of usurping American laws.

Waterbury will be on the national stage Saturday morning, when anti-Sharia law and pro-Muslim groups will gather in front of City Hall. City officials and residents are holding out hope for a peaceful demonstration.

On one side will be members of ACT for America – an organization that opposes Sharia law, a set of legal standards derived from the Quran. On the other will be representatives of the city’s Muslim community, 2,000 strong, and members of the Council for American Islamic Relations’ Connecticut chapter.

Waterbury isn’t exactly a hotbed for Islamic extremism or Sharia activism. Most of Greater Waterbury’s Muslims are of Albanian descent…

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Liberals are planning to stage Islamophobe protests to counter the anti-sharia law. Just like with homosexuality, liberals believe that anyone that disagrees must be afraid of Islam and homosexuality or are acting out of ignorance. They cannot comprehend that many intelligent conservative Americans disagree with Islam sharia law and homosexuality for varying reasons that have nothing to do with hate, fear or stupidity.




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