Anti-Putin Protests Sweep Across Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin has not escaped the demonstrations of unhappy citizens, much like the ones that have swept across America. Here in the States, the protesters are liberals while many of protesters in Russia are against the communist government that is suppressing them. Putin was quick to criticize the US for all of the anti-Trump protests here, but evidently, he criticized and spoke too soon.

A wave of antigovernment demonstrations rolled across Russia on Monday as thousands of people gathered in scores of cities to protest corruption and political stagnation despite vigorous attempts by the authorities to thwart or ban the rallies.

The police detained the architect of the national protests, the Kremlin critic Aleksei A. Navalny, as he emerged from his apartment building to attend a rally that he had forced into the center of Moscow. There were scattered reports of hundreds of detentions elsewhere, too.

The protests were the broadest antigovernment outpouring in Russia in years, with people in more cities heeding Mr. Navalny’s call than his last series of demonstrations in March…

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It’s telling to see Russians protesting against the type of government that Democrats are trying to establish here in the US. A recent poll indicated that 44% of millennials favor socialism over capitalism and yet people living in socialist and communist countries are protesting against those forms of government. Sadly, Democrats will fail to see what’s happening or learn a lesson from all of this and they will continue to push to be enslaved by the government and then after it happens, they’ll regret it.




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