America’s Youth: A Dismal Picture of Nation’s Future

How many times have you ever heard that the future of a nation rests on its youth? It’s true as they are the leaders in business and politics of tomorrow.

If I were to ask you how you view America’s future based on what you see of today’s youth, what would you say?

If I were to ask you what things influence our youth more than any other, what would you say?

American Culture and Faith Institute asked some of the same questions. They reported:

“A slight majority of US adults (51%) believe that our nation’s culture these days has an overall negative influence on the lives of children under 18 years of age.”

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“However, the survey revealed a massive difference of opinion on that matter based on the faith leanings of the respondent. Born again adults were more likely to cite cultural influence as negative rather than positive by a 4-to-1 margin (66% versus 16%). Yet, among adults who are not born again, less than half (45%) said the culture has a generally negative influence on children, with 30% claiming it has a positive impact and one-fifth saying it has no influence.”

“Similarly, adults who have a biblical worldview had an even harsher assessment of culture’s impact. More than nine out of ten of these people (93%) said culture leaves a negative imprint on children, compared to only half (48%) of those with a secular worldview concurring.”

Not only does this paint a bleak picture of America’s future, but they also reported:

“The challenge of raising godly children in American society was further driven home by the fact that six out of ten adults (60%) predicted that ten years from now it will be harder to raise children who know biblical values and want to live in harmony with them. Only 11% said it will be easier, while the remaining three out of ten expect the difficulty to remain unchanged.”

“Again, faith had a major connection with peoples’ viewpoint on this issue. Three-quarters of born again adults (72%) foresaw bigger challenges compared to just half of the non-born again adults (55%) holding such a view. A bigger gap was found between adults with a biblical worldview (86% of whom predicted it would be harder to raise Bible-centered children a decade from now) and those without one (58%).”

When asked what things had the best and worst impact on children, respondents said the greatest positive influence was extended-family gatherings, followed close by church gatherings and The Bible. The things that had the worst influence on today’s children are social media exchanges, video games, website, online content and television.

When I look at America’s youth overall, I firmly believe that America’s future is in the toilet. I’m not saying there aren’t any good youth out there, but when viewed as a demographic group, America’s future is dark, dismal and short-lived.

What do I see as the most influential things affecting today’s youth? Not necessarily in this order, but as they come to mind, I would say social media, public schools, entertainment, liberal mainstream media and the destruction of the family unit.

Many of today’s public schools push a strong liberal or socialist agenda and after having your kids for 6-8 hours a day, 5-days a week, 9-months a year for 12-13 years, no wonder they are brainwashed to be loyal socialist comrades and so anti-everything that made America great.

If you look at the entertainment industry in general, it is so far to the left that they could easily fall over. Movies, television and music promote adulterous and perverted sex, violence and anarchy. They openly promote homosexuality, sex before and outside of marriage and they promote dysfunctional and broken families as being the norm.

The liberal mainstream media isn’t much different. Instead of being reliable sources for news, they have become the propaganda arm of the liberal Democratic Party. When is the last time you heard or read any of the mainstream media outlets, other than Fox News, give an honest and supportive report on President Donald Trump or any other conservative Republican? When was the last time you heard the liberal mainstream media, other than Fox News, report on the laws broken by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and other top Democrats? When was the last time you heard them condemn the nonsensical and tiring protests against President Trump and his policies?

When you put it all together, I feel very sad about the America my children and grandchildren will experience as it will never be anything close to the great, Christian and family oriented nation I grew up with.



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