Alabama Man in Jail 10-Years Without a Trial

The Sixth Amendment of the US Constitution guarantees everyone the right to a speedy trial by an impartial jury. Tell that to Kharon Davis of Alabama. He was arrested in 2007 on murder charges and has remained in jail ever since without bail or a trial. His case is currently gaining some attention and is being reviewed by a judge. Guilty or not, his constitutional right to a speedy trial was denied him.

An Alabama man who has been jailed on a murder charge for the last 10 years without a trial could soon learn his fate.

Houston County Circuit Judge Kevin Moulton heard arguments in a case involving Kharon Davis on Tuesday in Dothan. Davis was arrested and charged for the murder of Pete Reaves in June 2007 at an apartment in Dothan, the Dothan Eagle reported. 

Davis’ attorney Thomas Goggans argued his case should be dismissed because he was previously represented by a lawyer with a possible conflict of interest in the case. His previous attorney, Ben Meredith, had a son who was going to testify as a witness for the prosecution. The possible conflict of interest was brought up in 2011 when Judge Moulton took over the case from another judge who was due to retire…

I’m a firm believer in justice and the death penalty for murder and several other crimes. However, I’m also a firm believer in upholding the US Constitution and the constitutional rights of everyone. I’ve often said that when a person is convicted of a felon like murder that they forfeit many of their rights, but in the case of Davis, he was never tried or convicted and he has been severely wronged by the system.

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