Could AG Sessions Be Next Member of Trump Administration to be Fired?

When Donald Trump jumped into the Republican presidential campaign area last year, few mainstream Republicans embraced him. He was considered a non-political outsider. However, then Sen. Jeff Sessions endorsed Trump and has continued to support him all the way to being appointed as Trump’s Attorney General. However, Trump has been critical of Sessions for the way the Justice Department defended his travel ban.

Few Republicans were quicker to embrace President Trump’s campaign last year than Jeff Sessions, and his reward was one of the most prestigious jobs in America. But more than four months into his presidency, Mr. Trump has grown sour on Mr. Sessions, now his attorney general, blaming him for various troubles that have plagued the White House.

The discontent was on display on Monday in a series of stark early-morning postings on Twitter in which the president faulted his own Justice Department for its defense of his travel ban on visitors from certain predominantly Muslim countries. Mr. Trump accused Mr. Sessions’s department of devising a “politically correct” version of the ban — as if the president had nothing to do with it.

In private, the president’s exasperation has been even sharper…

Trump was dissatisfied with James Comey as Director of the FBI, so he fired him. Trump’s entire business career was paved with the carcasses of people he fired. Comey was only the third or fourth person Trump has fired since moving into the White House. Will Jeff Sessions be the next one fired for not living up to President Trump’s expectations?

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