12 Arrested in UK After Latest Terrorist Attacks

By now you’ve heard of the latest Islamic terrorist attacks in Great Britain. So far, there are 7 reported killed dozens more injured. British law enforcement has launched a nationwide investigation and have already arrested 12 suspected terrorists. Chances are, more arrests will be made as officials are determined to clamp down on Islamic extremists.

British Prime Minister Theresa May condemned the “evil ideology” behind the London terror attacks that killed seven people and injured dozens more late Saturday night.

May addressed the attacks Sunday after a meeting of the government’s COBRA emergency committee. She called for a tougher stance against extremists and tougher controls on cyberspace to prevent its use by extremists.

She said the measures were needed because “terrorism breeds terrorism” and attackers copy each other…

Some reports said that London police that were not armed, ran from the tourists as they were attacked. This is all the more reason that every police officer in Great Britain should be armed and trained, just like police in the US are. They need to be prepared to not only defend themselves but also be able to defend the British people. Guns can help stop violence.

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