In Wake of Manchester Bombing, Katy Perry Calls for Open Borders?

What in the world is pop-singer Katy Perry smoking these days. She’s always been a radical liberal, but her comments after the terrorist bombing in Manchester that killed 22 and injured 59 others, are totally irrational, illogical, anti-American and just plain stupid. She is obviously caught up in far-left rhetoric to see the dangers that an open border would create.

Pop singer Ariana Grande may have the singer whose concert was attacked in England yesterday, but that hasn’t stopped other teeny-bopper bimbos from chiming in on what to do next.

It is no secret that a vast majority of female pop singers are adamant opponents of President Donald Trump, thanks to their insatiable need for attention.  During the election of 2016, and these first 100+ days of Trump’s presidency, any time that a camera or microphone is placed near one of these saucy starlets, we are sure to be fed a canned line disparaging the President or any one of his policies.  Some of these pop princesses were even on Hillary Clinton’s payroll during her doomed attempt to reach the Oval Office, pulling in massive paychecks for their “support” of the democratic demagogue.

Now, in the wake of a horrific terror attack that killed 22 and injured 59 more at an Ariana Grande concert in England, fellow pop star Katy Perry has taken it upon herself to interject an opinion into the conversation.  In typical Perry fashion, however, she tragically misses the point and blindly states what she believes what her liberal fanbase wants to hear…

Not only would open borders allow every would-be terrorist into the country but it would destroy the entire American economy and throw the nation into complete chaos and anarchy. If Perry had any sense of intelligence or dignity, she would keep her mouth shut when it comes to topics she knows nothing about, like the impact of open borders.

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