Veteran Receives Hateful Note for Parking in Veteran Parking

Barack Obama created a nation of haters. They conservatives. They hate white Americans. They hate Republicans. They hate Christians and they hate everything decent about the United States and the American people. Such is the case for the person who left a note on the windshield of a US Navy veteran who was parking in a spot designated for veteran parking only. The note was hateful and displayed the intolerant ignorance of the author.

What a world we live in. A retired Navy veteran from North Carolina parked in a veteran-designated parking spot on Saturday night at the supermarket. When he got back to his car, he found a nasty note calling a moron for parking there.

The note left on Rod Boyle’s windshield read  : “You are a [expletive] moron! I hope karma visits you often! (this is parking for our veterans)”

Fox News reports:

Rod Boyle, 56, said he parked his car in a “reserved for veterans” spot at a Harris Teeter location in Wake Forest to quickly grab a view items, The News & Observer reported. As he was leaving the parking lot, he discovered the note flapping on his windshield…

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It’s the acts like that of the author of the note left on Boyle’s windshield that demonstrate that too many people act out of ignorance instead of taking to time to find out what they are complaining about. Had the author bothered to find out, he would have realized that the car did belong to a veteran and therefore had every right to park there.




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