US Leads 27 Airstrikes Against ISIS Same Day as Manchester Bombing

ISIS may have made the loudest noise in getting the world’s attention with the suicide bombing in Manchester, but on the same day that terrorist attack took place, the US led 27 airstrikes against 37 ISIS locations in Syria and Iraq. Dozens of ISIS jihadists were killed in the raids.

Keep the change, ya filthy animals! If ISIS thought they could kill innocent people and get away with it, they were dead wrong. Literally.

The same day as the horrific Manchester attack, when a suicide bomber killed 22 people and injured many more at an Ariana Grande concert, American-led military fighters carried out 27 airstrikes against ISIS.

The airstrikes his the Islamic group in Iraq and Syria, killing dozens of ISIS jihadists. U.K. Daily Express reports, “Coalition military fighters hammered 37 ISIS targets with 18 strikes in Syria — obliterating oil supplies, vehicles and weapons caches…

Besides killing dozens of ISIS fighters, the US led airstrikes also destroyed grenade launchers, machine guns, rocket systems and bombs made for vehicles. Numerous people have tweeted, congratulating President Trump for firing back at the ‘loser’. With attacks like these, the number of ISIS fighters has been steadily declining. Will they ever run out of people wanting to die for a lost cause?

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