US Attacked Pro-Assad Troops in Syria

Some pro-Assad troops in Syria were approaching a dangerous zone near the Jordanian border when they were attacked by US forces. The Syrian troops were warned numerous times to stop their advance, but they failed to respond to the warnings and continued into an area they should not have been. That move on their part was a deadly move.

The U.S. military launched fresh air strikes against pro-Assad troops in Syria after they ignored repeated warnings from both coalition and Russian forces, officials told Fox News Thursday.

The Syrian forces, in several vehicles including at least one tank, were near the Jordanian border and deemed a threat to coalition partners on the ground, a Pentagon official said. They were repeatedly ordered to stop their advance toward a de-escalation zone, but ignored the warning, officials said.

“The coalition commander assessed the threat and after shows of force didn’t stop the regime forces and those forces refused to move out of the deconfliction zone, the commander on the ground called for the air strike as a matter of force protection,” a senior U.S. defense official told Fox News…

Some sources at the scene say that the Syrian troops appeared to be ready to launch an attack on a position where US advisers were working with rebel forces. When they ignored all warnings, and continued to advance, the move was understood to be one of aggression, so US air strikes took them out.

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