US Accuses Syria of Cremating Atrocities

The Syrian government has been accused of cruelty against the Syrian people. Photos of the chemical attack against innocent people reached and outraged the world. The evidence could not be hidden. Now, US officials are claiming that the Syrian government built a crematorium at their Saydnaya prison in order to cremate the evidence of cruelty of prisoners.

The Syrian government has constructed a crematorium at a military prison to dispose of the remains of thousands of murdered prisoners, the US has alleged.

The state department has released satellite images of the facility which it said was used to hide evidence.

Rights groups say thousands of inmates have been tortured and hanged at the military prison outside of Damascus…

If accusations are correct, then it seems that Assad has taken lessons from Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany who burned tens of thousands of bodies. The only question is how is the US going to prove this is what’s happening at the prison and if they do find proof, will it make any difference with the rest of the world or Russia?

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