University Honors Dead Criminal Who Never Attended College

A sign of a decaying society is when a nation stops honoring real heroes and then honors crooks, criminals and others who represent all that is bad. It’s also when the people try to destroy their history and replace it with something perverted and immoral.

Look at what is happening in parts of the southeastern United States. First, liberals complained and force the removal of Confederate flags because they didn’t see the historical significance and lessons the flags stood for. Instead, they forced their own hate and racism on everyone else.

Now we have the removal of Confederate statues and monuments from public places. Some cry foul and racism when the only real racism is that staring them back in the face from their own mirrors. Again, their hate and intolerance are blinded to the monuments honoring the many who died and suffered during the Civil War. They fail to understand that these monuments provide valuable lessons to be learned and never repeated. Instead, they are determined to resurrect some of the hate that led to the deaths and wounding of so many Americans.

Who did Barack Obama honor at his second inauguration but illegal aliens – people who violated our laws and are still violating them just by their continuing to live here.

Now, a university has decided to honor a dead criminal.

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Trayvon Martin was a teenage delinquent who had a record of run-ins with the police and school officials. He was found in a neighborhood he didn’t belong in, late at night, carrying a bag with what police referred to as burglary tools. When stopped and questioned by a civilian night patrol person, the teen attacked and fought with George Zimmerman. Martin slammed Zimmerman’s head back on the concrete several times, leaving cuts and bruises in the back of Zimmerman’s head. If allowed to continue his attack, he could have killed Zimmerman. Fearing for his life, Zimmerman shot and killed Martin in self-defense.

Black activists went ballistic over the death of Trayvon Martin, starting riots and violence across the country. The New Black Panthers, a group that Barack Obama had marched with just a few years earlier, put out a bounty on George Zimmerman, dead or alive. Zimmerman became a like a leper everywhere he went as no one wanted to be around him. He was vilified for stopping a would-be-burglar. Zimmerman lost his job and almost everything he had trying to defend himself in court against charges that were only brought against him because of the pressure of black activists, including Obama and then US Attorney General Eric Holder. Fortunately, Zimmerman was acquitted of the charges, but no one in the black community agreed with the acquittal. In their minds, Martin was a saint and could do no wrong and his death all Zimmerman’s fault, not poor little Trayvon.

Now, Florida Memorial University has issued a posthumous Bachelor’s Degree in aeronautical science to Trayvon Martin. The degree, honoring the teen criminal was given to Martin’s parents at the university’s commencement exercise last week.


Trayvon Martin was not only a criminal but he never finished high school. Just because he was interested in flying is no reason to honor him with a BS degree. What about others that are killed by drunk drivers who also had aspirations of college? If Martin is honored in such a way, shouldn’t all the others who died before their time be honored?

Personally, I believe the honoring of Trayvon Martin by the university is a disgrace and nothing more than a promotion of racial hatred and division.


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