Uneasiness Creeping over DC Concerning White House Leaks

Someone either in the White House or closely associated with the White House has been leaking vital and sensitive information that has all been damaging to the Trump administration. One has to wonder if there are any Obamanites still on site that are deliberately trying to undermine the Trump presidency. One way or another, the leaks are having the designed effect of making everyone in Washington DC uneasy and uncertain.

Uncertainty and confusion appear to reign in Washington after a steady flow of leaks over the past week ranging from reports that senior White House adviser Jared Kushner tried to set up backchannel communications with Russia to the unauthorized release of information about the U.K.’s investigation into the Manchester attack.

Members of President Trump’s administration and Congress on Sunday were guarded on talk shows when speaking about the recent White House leaks, uncertain whether to believe recent reports but well aware of their ramifications if true.

Many indicated they would withhold judgement until the reports were fully investigated and pressed for investigators to do so…

If and when the person responsible for leaking the sensitive information is discovered, they need to be arrested, tried, convicted and then shot for espionage. If that had happened under a Clinton presidency, the person would most likely be discovered dead from some unrelated reason, kind of like what happened to Seth Rice.

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