Uncle Shoots Home Intruders & Rescues Relatives

A Houston area family were terrorized when four armed intruders entered their home. As they began to rob the family, they threatened to shoot and kill various family members, some of which had been tied up with their own shoelaces. An uncle lived next door, heard something happening, grabbed his gun and went to save his family.

What would you do if you discovered that your relatives living next door were surprised by armed intruders? That’s what happened to a Houston family this week.

Four armed intruders broke into a house, threatened to shoot the family inside and then tied some of them up with their shoelaces. Twin boys ran to a bedroom and locked the door, but one of the gunman threatened to shoot their sister if the boys didn’t unlock and come out of the bedroom.

During the incident, the father and one another male member of the family were pistol whipped in the back of the head by the armed intruders. While in the house, the intruders stole jewelry and cash.

An uncle lived next door and heard a commotion in his relative’s backyard. He grabbed his gun and when he entered the backyard, he saw one of the gunmen striking a family member in the back of the head with his gun…

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I’ve looked down the barrel of a loaded gun in the hands of someone who was more than capable of pulling the trigger. I understand the thoughts that run through your mind as you think the breath you are taking could be your last. The Garcia family must have had some of the same thoughts and fears before their uncle showed up and saved the day.




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