UN Passes Anti-Israel Resolution Despite US Objections

The United Nations has been getting more and more socialist and pushing for a one-world government. Instead of taking action to condemn cruel and insane dictators like Syria’s Assad and North Korea’s Kim, they waste their time passing resolutions to condemn Israel for protecting themselves against the constant attack of militant Palestinian Arabs.

A letter from President Trump backed by all 100 senators was not enough to dissuade the U.N. from passing its latest resolution criticizing Israel.

The resolution, passed Tuesday by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), labeled Israel an “occupying Power” and called on the Jewish state to cease “persistent” archaeological work in East Jerusalem.

The vote, which passed 22-10 with 23 abstentions, came despite a letter signed by every U.S. senator calling for the world body to take a more balanced view of Israel.

This most recent egregious action of the United Nations only reinforces the call for the United States to withdraw from the socialist club. Not only should the US withdraw from the United Nations, but they should kick their headquarters out of our country. After all, many of the actions of the UN have been designed to usurp control of our nation and force us to live by their rules and laws instead of ours.

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