UN Helping North Korea Get Patent on Banned Nerve Gas

For the past several decades, liberals and socialists have taken over the United Nations and the organization has steadily worked to undermine and control the United States. They know that North Korea is a danger not only to the US but to South Korea, Japan, the Philippines and other nations in the area, so why would they work to help North Korea to obtain a patent and use nerve gas that has already been banned from any use?

For more than a year, a United Nations agency in Geneva has been helping North Korea prepare an international patent application for production of sodium cyanide — a chemical used to make the nerve gas Tabun — which has been on a list of materials banned from shipment to that country by the U.N. Security Council since 2006.

The World Intellectual Property Organization, or WIPO, has made no mention of the application to the Security Council committee monitoring North Korea sanctions, nor to the U.N. Panel of Experts that reports sanctions violations to the committee, even while concerns about North Korean weapons of mass destruction, and the willingness to use them, have been on a steep upward spiral.

Fox News told both U.N. bodies of the patent application for the first time late last week, after examining the application file on a publicly available WIPO internal website...

This is another reason why the United States with totally withdraw from the United Nations and kick them out of our country. Washington needs to issue an eviction notice and give the UN 30-60 days to relocate to another country. That would save the US billions of dollars and countless military lives.

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