TX Paramedics to be Allowed to Carry Gun on Duty

Paramedics are some of the first responders to many crime scenes and on more than one occasion, have been shot at and attacked. At times, they find themselves in as much danger as law enforcement officers. The Texas legislature has passed a bill that would allow paramedics with a concealed carry license to carry a gun while on duty so they can protect themselves.

Texas lawmakers have finally approved the self defense of first responding paramedics to carry on duty. Of course they will be required to have a carry license, but at least they will have a better chance at warding off threats, which has been an increasingly unfortunate need.

While this is one great feat for EMS, there were many different bills decided upon by the Texas lawmakers.

The chamber voted 111-30 to decrease gun licenses to $40, down from $140 for first-time permits and $70 for 5-year renewals. The move has already cleared the Texas Senate and now needs only a final House vote — which should come Wednesday — before Gov. Greg Abbott can sign it into law…

The law does not require paramedics to be armed, but gives those who chose to obtain a concealed carry license to carry while at work. For those who chose to take the legislature up on the new bill, they will finally be able to protect themselves from attack while on the job. After a few paramedics shoot criminals trying to do them harm, other paramedics may find it safer to their jobs.

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