Trump Won Due to Culture War, Not Because of Russia or Comey

Millions of liberal Democrats are still unwilling to admit that the American people really chose Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. Many continue to point to a mysterious and yet unsubstantiated connection with Russia or to statements made late in the campaign by FBI Director James Comey. Thanks to the abomination of Obama, America was and still is involved in a deep culture war and it was because of that culture war that Trump was elected.

A newly conducted study has finally gathered a few facts that prove the real reasons behind Hillary Clinton’s recent loss.

Some of the reasons were self-evident, but others were more surprising and deep-seated.

In a report called Beyond Economics: Fears of Cultural Displacement Pushed the White Working Class to Trump the researchers explain that partisan politics played an important role in President Trump’s victory but so did economic fatalism, and feelings of cultural oppression.

Overall, the model demonstrates that besides partisanship, fears about immigrants and cultural displacement were more powerful factors than economic concerns in predicting support for Trump among white working-class voters. Moreover, the effects of economic concerns were complex—with economic fatalism predicting support for Trump, but economic hardship predicting support for Clinton…

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Liberals are the most intolerant and poorest losers there are and they will continue to blame everyone and everything for their loss in the election, but many will never admit that Trump won fair and square. Of course, they’ll also never admit that the only reason Clinton won the popular vote was that up to 3 million non-citizens case illegal votes for her, thanks to liberal anti-American laws passed by Democrats.




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