Trump to Visit Countries Considered Home to Judaism, Catholicism and Islam

Later this month, President Donald Trump will travel oversea to visit Israel, the Vatican and Saudi Arabia. He will also attend a couple of international meetings, one in Brussels and the other in Italy. Undoubtedly, his travel will require more security than other visits to Europe by US Presidents, due to the increased terrorist attacks that have been taking place in many parts of the area.

President Donald Trump will visit Saudi Arabia, Israel and the Vatican later this month, the White House confirmed on Thursday.

The stops — previously unannounced — will be part of Trump’s larger first foreign trip as president, that includes a NATO meeting in Brussels and a G-7 meeting in Italy. Trump’s first foreign trip is hotly anticipated. With the addition of Israel and Saudi Arabia, the trip is now packed with traditional allies of the United States.

In a call with reporters Thursday afternoon, senior administration officials said combating extremism — as well as acknowledging and respecting Islam’s holiest sites — were the trip’s goals.

When Barack Obama traveled overseas, his safety did concern me because the last thing I wanted to for Joe Biden to become President if anything happened to Obama. As much as I like a lot of what Donald Trump is trying to accomplish, I believe that Mike Pence would make a GREAT president and one that will garner a lot more cooperation in Congress from Democrats and Republicans.

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