Should Trump Turn Tapes of Him and Comey over to Congress?

President Donald Trump has come under a firestorm after firing FBI Director James Comey. The Democrats wanted Comey gone as they frequently called for his resignation or for his firing, but when Trump did fire him, the Democrats were still not happy. Then Trump hinted that there might be tape recordings of some of the conversations he had with Comey and now a number of Republicans and Democrats are saying if the tapes exist that Trump should turn them over to Congress.

Lawmakers in both parties said Sunday that President Trump will need to hand over any recordings of conversations in the White House if such a taping system does exist.

Trump suggested Friday that he taped private White House conversations with then-FBI Director James B. Comey, who was abruptly fired last week, and White House officials have not confirmed or denied the existence of a recording system.

The nondenials have intensified calls by Democrats for an independent, nonpartisan special prosecutor to investigate Russian meddling in the 2016 election. And several key Republicans and Democrats said Sunday that any recordings of White House conversations will need to be preserved for congressional review…

It was the infamous 18 minutes of erased tape from the Oval Office that spelled the demise of then President Richard Nixon and undoubtedly, some Democrats are hoping that once again, tape recordings from the Oval Office will end another Republican President’s term in office.

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