Trump Suggests Need for Government Shutdown in September

Senate Democrats were instantly bragging about their ability to force Republicans into compromising on the recently passed stop-gap bill to keep the government operating until September. Even though Republicans have the majority of votes, they don’t have enough to override Democrat rebellion on budget bills that need 60 votes. In response to their bragging and boasting, President Trump came out and suggested that perhaps a government shutdown might be a good thing come September when the next stop-gap bill needs to be passed.

President Trump on Tuesday called for a government shutdown later this year and suggested the Senate might need to prohibit future filibusters, dramatic declarations from a new commander in chief whose frustration is snowballing as Congress continues to block key parts of his agenda.

“Our country needs a good ‘shutdown’ in September to fix mess!” Trump wrote in a series of tweets Tuesday morning. He likely meant a shutdown in October, as the current spending bill lawmakers have agreed to would fund government operations through Sept. 30.

Trump’s call for a shutdown, which appears to be unprecedented from a sitting president, come as his problems are mounting within the House and Senate, chambers that are both controlled by his party.

Trump is growing weary of the Democrats’ unwillingness to work with Republicans for the sake of the country. Democrats care nothing about the nation or the American people. Their temper tantrum over losing control to Trump supersedes doing what’s right for the American people.

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