Trump Signs Order to Restore Rights & Freedoms to Religious Institutions

Back in 1954, then Senator Lyndon Johnson was another Democrat who hated anyone who held a different view than his own. He pushed to give the IRS power to blackmail non-profit institutions by denying them the right to be politically active or face losing their tax-exempt status. Obama went even further in trying to force religious institutions to go against their faith. Yesterday, President Trump removed those restrictions and returned the freedoms and rights to religious institutions.

President Trump marked the National Day of Prayer by signing an executive order aimed at boosting religious freedom by easing IRS restrictions against political activities by tax-exempt religious organizations, including churches. 

Declaring “no one should be censoring sermons,” Trump announced the order, which fulfilled a campaign pledge, during a Rose Garden ceremony Thursday attended by religious leaders, activists and Vice President Pence. 

“We will not allow people of faith to be targeted, bullied or silenced again and we will never stand for religious discrimination,” Trump said before signing the order, which states it is now administration policy is “to protect and vigorously promote religious liberty.”

In colonial days and for a century after our nation was founded, most of the people got their news and political information from the pulpit. Some pastors preached the need to go to war with Great Britain and then marched out of the church to join the Revolutionary war. The Declaration of Independence was read from hundreds of pulpits across the colonies. Thanks to Trump, those freedoms are being restored.

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