Tiger Kills Female Zookeeper

Tigers are among the most dangerous mammals kept at many zoos. Most zookeepers never enter a tiger enclosure while tigers are present. They drive tigers into their indoors facilities and lock them up. Evidently, a zookeeper at the Hamerton Zoo Park in Cambridgeshire, England was in the tiger outdoor enclosure when one of the tigers managed to enter. Before she could be rescued, it was too late.

A female zoo-keeper has died in a “freak accident” after a tiger entered an enclosure at a wildlife park.

The death happened at Hamerton Zoo Park, near Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, at about 11:15 BST.

Cambridgeshire Police said: “A tiger had entered an enclosure with a keeper. Sadly the female zoo keeper died at the scene.”

Visitors were led away from the zoo. At no time did the animal escape from the enclosure, said police…

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I’ve worked with dangerous reptiles and it was always preached, safety, safety and more safety. Many of the snakes I handled and milked for their venom could kill me before help could arrive, so we took every safety precaution possible. Evidently, the safety procedures at the Hamerton Zoo Park were not followed to the fullest extent and it resulted in the tragic death of the female zookeeper.




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