Texas Governor Signs Tough Anti-Sanctuary City Bill into Law

Have you ever asked yourself why Democrats are so bent on allowing millions of illegal aliens to enter and remain in the United States?

  • Illegal aliens DO take away many jobs that would otherwise go to American citizens.
  • Many Illegal aliens work for cash under the table, robbing local, state and federal government of vitally needed taxes.
  • Many illegals that work for cash, send a significant portion of their earnings to family members back in their home countries, instead of spending it here in the US.
  • Illegals tend to take advantage of as many government programs like welfare, housing, food, utility assistance and more, often draining vital resources needed to take care of Americans.
  • Illegals cost taxpayers around $100 billion a year.
  • Illegals are clogging many public schools and forcing schools to use money they don’t have to hire educators that speak a number of different languages. Some school districts have over 100 different languages and dialects in their system.
  • Illegals have been known to bring infectious diseases such as zika, yellow fever, malaria, tuberculosis and more, into the US.
  • Illegals receive free medical care, forcing many smaller hospitals and urgent care centers, closer to the border, to close their doors for lack of funding. This leaves residents without the important emergency medical care needed. I know of at least one case that the time it took to transport a father and husband to emergency care 100 miles away cost him his life. When the doctors said, had the small hospital near him been open, that there would have been a good chance they could have saved him.
  • Illegals have overrun many once nice neighborhoods and turned them into crime infested ghettos.
  • Areas with a significant number of illegals generally have a higher crime rate.

Looking at all of that, there is only one real reason behind the Democrats’ fight to open the border, create sanctuary cities with which to protect illegal aliens – VOTES. Even though it’s illegal for any non-citizen to vote, some states have passed legislation that make it easy for illegals to register to vote and then to cast votes, even though those votes are illegal. Some estimates place the number of non-citizen votes cast in November’s election as around 2-3 million. Considering that most of those votes were for Democrats and Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 2,868,691 votes, those illegal votes probably made the difference. Had they not been allowed to vote, there is a good chance that Trump would have won both the popular and Electoral vote, eliminating much of the controversy.

President Donald Trump signed an executive order to cut federal funding to all sanctuary cities. His justification is that since they are intentionally violating federal immigration laws, they should not be entitled to federal money. However, a liberal judge believed that he had more power and authority than the President of the United States and issued an injunction to block Trump’s executive order. (Can you imagine what would have happened had a conservative judge done that to Barack Obama?).

Texas is one of 4 border states with Mexico and a state that is all too aware of the many problems associated with sanctuary cities. Unfortunately, some cities like Houston are run by liberal Democrats who continue to defy President Trump by remaining a sanctuary city.

That’s what prompted the Texas legislature to pass a very strict anti-sanctuary bill that would place a significant fine on all officials in Texas who continue to violate federal immigration laws. That would mean that the mayor, city council members and any law enforcement official in Houston that refused to enforce federal immigration laws would be slapped with steep fines.

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Gov. Greg Abbott, a staunch conservative Republican is expected to sign the bill into law. One can expect liberal Democrats to challenge the law and if they can bring their legal challenge before a liberal judge, then it could be blocked. If they don’t and if it’s not blocked, all political and law enforcement officials in Texas need to comply to federal immigration laws or be prepared to have their bank accounts emptied.

Frankly, I think any who refuse to enforce federal immigration laws should be jailed and that includes former officials including Barack Obama.


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