Texas Legislature Takes Action to Protect Privacy and Religious Rights

It seems that the majority of Americans, probably the Silent Majority, are against allowing gender confused individuals and sexual perverts from using the same bathrooms and locker rooms as moms, wives and daughters use. Ever since more businesses and institutions have opened up their facilities to transgenders, there has been an increase in the number of sexual assaults and rapes of girls and women. Texas lawmakers are working to protect Texas women from such an invasion of their privacy.

Late Sunday and early Monday, Texas legislators advanced a version of the divisive “bathroom bill” regulating transgender students’ restroom access and passed a law that would allow publicly funded adoption agencies to refuse to work with would-be parents based on religious objections.

The “bathroom bill” proposal, which would affect public schools, was introduced as an amendment to a bill about emergency procedures at schools. It passed the House on Sunday but still needs approval from the state Senate, which is expected to support it.

The legislation to allow religious exemptions for adoption and foster care has passed the Senate on Monday and now heads to the desk of Republican Gov. Greg Abbott…

You know that liberals will scream and file their lawsuits because they don’t care about the safety and privacy of women and girls. All they care about is pushing their immoral agenda on the nation in their effort to destroy America. Perhaps it would be best for liberals in Texas to move to someplace where they are more welcome and leave the state to the majority of conservatives.

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