Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Appeal on NC Voter ID Law

If Democrats truly don’t want to see any voter fraud, then one has wonder why they are so adamantly against all voter ID laws. They argue that they discriminate against black Americans, but that’s saying that they are not capable of obtaining a voter ID when they are capable of getting other forms of ID they need for driving and receiving all of their government handouts.

The U.S. Supreme Court has once again declined to reinstate North Carolina’s strict voter ID law, which was struck down last year after a court ruled it was intentionally designed to stop African-Americans from voting.

The nation’s highest court refused to consider an appeal by North Carolina Republicans, NPR’s Pam Fessler reports.

“Chief Justice John Roberts wrote that the court’s refusal to consider an appeal did not signify an opinion on the merits of the case,” Fessler says…

This is a blow to Republican efforts to enact laws to prevent chances of voter fraud and thus protect the integrity of elections. As it stands now, Democrats have a number of ways with which to commit voter fraud in their efforts to put a Democrat in office and not having a required voter ID is one of the ways they accomplish it.

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