Spicer Blasts Liberals Saying Flynn Deserved Due Process

Did retired Gen. Michael Flynn and President Donald Trump’s first selection for National Security Adviser, break the law by withholding information on his business dealings with Russia? Perhaps, but I’m not going to convict him purely on what the liberal media has reported. However, he apparently did lie to Vice President Michael Pence, which led to his being fired. In defense of Trump’s initial selection of Flynn, despite the warnings of loyal Democrat Sally Yates, Sean Spicer told everyone that Flynn did deserve due process.

The White House did not want to “jump the gun” on firing Michael Flynn as national security adviser based on warnings from former acting Attorney General Sally Yates because she is a “political opponent” of President Trump, the White House press secretary said Tuesday. 

“I think that the process worked, frankly,” Sean Spicer told reporters.

“If we had just dismissed somebody because a political opponent of the president had made an utterance, you would argue that it was pretty irrational.”

He described Yates as “someone who is not exactly a supporter of the president’s agenda,” citing her refusal to defend Trump’s travel ban that ultimately led to her firing in January… 

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Sally Yates and Obama’s former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper testified before a Senate Judiciary subcommittee. Julian Assange has already provided evidence that Clapper lied and there is no doubt that Yates was extremely loyal to Obama and NOT to Trump, so one has to accept her testimony with a grain of salt and find ways to verify what she said or dismiss it as more lies from an Obamanite.




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