Social Media Can be a Blessing to Those Who Lose Someone

Whether it’s a spouse, child, parent, other family member or a very close friend, that person’s death can be devastating to some left behind. Not everyone has anyone living near them to turn to in these difficult times of grieving. A new study shows that turning to social media and opening yourself up to others can provide a great deal of comfort and support that is so vitally needed at that time.

Over the years, many couples get married in their 20s or 30s. As the kids grow up and start going away to college, moving our or getting married, we look in the mirror and realize that we have passed our 40th and even 50th birthdays. The face that looks back has the signs of aging; a few more wrinkles, the eyes look tired, chin sags a little and our hair, if not regularly colored, is turning grey, silver or white. The woman that is looking back at you in the mirror seems older than the one looking into the mirror, and it hits us, we are getting older.

Then we look at our husbands and they too are getting older and possibly frailer. Then we hear that a friend’s husband just passed away suddenly and you fear the same thing happening to you. He is your life, your rock, your love, your companion, your friend and your provider. You wonder what you will do if anything happened to him, as you reach out to try to comfort your friend in her loss.

The loss of a husband can be a terrifying time that leaves a woman feeling alone, lost and directionless. Who does she turn to? How will she make a living to pay for her home, food clothes and more?

All too often, when we lose a close loved one or friend, we tend to isolate ourselves and wallow in our sorrow and tears. That’s actually the worse thing anyone can do. If you experience such a loss, take a few moments and get on whatever social media site you use and share your loss, loneliness and grief with others and you will find the help, support, encouragement and possibly even the companionship you so desperately need.

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