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Democrats don’t believe in any form of privacy whatsoever. They are the ones that have pushed to allow transgenders to invade the privacy of descent people by using the same bathrooms and locker rooms. I asked a Democrat not that long who had a teenage daughter if she would want a biologically and anatomically correct boy to use the same PE locker room showers as her daughter. She said of course not, so I told her that’s exactly what she was pushing politically. She tried to say that it’s different with transgenders because they identify as a girl, so I reminded her that most are still boys and all a boy has to do is say he thinks he’s a girl and in the showers he goes with her daughter. She said that wouldn’t happen and I told her it’s already happened in some schools and public bathrooms. I went on to tell her that a number of sexual predators have been using LGBT bathroom access laws to stalk girls. She finally admitted that she would not want her daughter to be exposed to that, but the transgender has rights too. I asked if the transgender’s rights superseded her daughter’s rights and she didn’t answer.

When Democrats pushed Obamacare down our throats, they also pushed a national medical database, containing everyone’s private and confidential medical records. The problem is that it’s not only doctors and hospitals who have access to these records, but some insurance companies have been given access as well. Remember when you last visited the doctor’s office or hospital and were asked to sign the HIPAA privacy statement? Thanks to Obamacare, the only one that doesn’t really have easy access to your medical records is you.

Another aspect about Obamacare is that it pushed for doctors to ask patients if they owned guns or if there were guns in the house. What’s that got do to with a person’s medical records?

Now, a key Democratic senator, Elizabeth Warren, along with some turncoat Republicans (Orin Hatch and Bill Cassidy) are pushing a bill that gives the government the right to spy and collect data on students, mostly college and university students. Not only will they spy on your sons and daughters while they are attending college, but for years afterwards, also.

According to

“U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts is leading efforts to roll back student data privacy protections in exchange for more detailed information on student outcomes.”

“Warren is teaming with Rhode Island Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, Utah Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch, and Louisiana Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy to push the College Transparency Act of 2017, which would task the National Center for Education Statistics with coordinating with other federal agencies to stockpile student information.”

“The legislation would overturn a ban written into the 2008 reauthorization of the Higher Education Act that specifically forbids a federal data system to track students.”

Warren had the audacity to issue a statement to the media which read in part:

“Going to college opened up a million doors for me, but I wasn’t a traditional student — I dropped out, got married, then found a commuter college hundreds of miles away from where I’d started. The way colleges and the federal government currently report student outcomes data would have left me out of the picture.”

“The College Transparency Act will patch up the big gaps in college data transparency and finally provide students, families, and policymakers with an accurate picture of how colleges are serving today’s students.”

Don’t forget that Warren claimed to be part Cherokee Indian in order to get into Harvard Law School and then as a Harvard Professor. During her campaign for the US Senate, it was revealed that if she was part American Indian that it was such a small part that it had no bearing on a minority status. Nevertheless, she continued to keep up the ruse. Then, Warren lied about her background again and practiced law without a license for several years.

You can’t believe anything she says, but she has been doing a lot of posturing for what could be a run at the Democratic presidential ticket for the 2020 election. Heaven forbid, as she is worse that Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

The government doesn’t need to be spending money to spy and collect data on students. For one, it’s just another government invasion of privacy and two it’s a waste of taxpayer money that could be better used to reduce the national debt.




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