Sen. Rand Paul Says Obama Administration Spied on His Presidential Campaign, Also

When Donald Trump accused the Obama administration of wiretapping and spying on his presidential campaign, Democrats and the liberal media instantly condemned him for false accusations. Then, it was revealed that the Obama administration had spied on Trump’s campaign team after all, vindicating Trump’s accusations. Now, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) says he has received information that his early presidential campaign was also spied upon by the Obama administration.

While the White House has long been rumored to harbor the ghost of Abraham Lincoln, it seems that former President Barack Obama is still haunting the capital as well…just not posthumously.

The former President, whose two terms as Commander in Chief will go down in history as some of the most disastrous in the nation’s history, has caused lingering effects in Washington D.C. for the entirety of his time out of office.  Not only has the democratic deity been spotted assembling a team of insider spies to keep tabs on the Trump administration, but the covert actions of his lame duck term have continued to wreak havoc throughout the newly conservative government.

President Trump earlier insinuated that Obama had immorally used his authority as President to “wiretap” Trump while he was still embroiled in an electoral battle with Hillary Clinton – a damning accusation unparalleled in recent decades of political perversity.  Now, another former republican candidate for President is stepping up to the bench to make similar claims.

At this point, nothing would surprise me about the Obama administration as it was by far the most corrupt administration in American history. Barack Obama had little regard to the US Constitution or federal laws. He violated them at will to suit his personal agenda to destroy America. He needs to be investigated, charged, tried, convicted and imprisoned for his many crimes, some of which were treason.

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