Is Sean Spicer a Big Problem for Trump?

I’ve watched White House Press Secretaries for years and have had little respect for some of them and pity for others. Jay Carney and Josh Ernest both served in that position for Barack Obama and I considered both of them to paid liars. Now, Sean Spicer is trying to do his best to serve in that capacity for Donald Trump, but Trump’s unbridled mouth and tweets makes it difficult, but even so, I would give Spicer an F and evidently, so do others.

On Monday, after The Washington Post reported that President Donald Trump had revealed “highly” classified “code word information” to Russia’s foreign minister and its ambassador to the United States ― potentially jeopardizing an “intelligence-sharing arrangement” with a foreign ally ― Adrian Carrasquillo of BuzzFeed News added a dose of color about the unfolding chaos:

Adrian Carrasquillo 


Can now hear yelling coming from room where officials are. …

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Carrasquillo went on to report that White House communications staffers “put the TV’s on super loud” to drown out the sounds of the unfolding argument. That’s big news, in that it’s one of the first times the Trump White House has demonstrated that they have protocols they’re capable of carrying out without pratfalling all over the room…

Frankly, I would not want the job of White House Press Secretary and be the one who has to face a hostile media corps on a daily basis. It would be like standing in water waste deep to feed a school hungry of piranha. If Spicer is soon removed from the position, I think that Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders would make a great replacement for Spicer.




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