Schumer Blames Trump for Democrat’s Stubbornness

From the moment it was announced that Donald Trump had defeated Hillary Clinton, many Washington DC Democrats vowed to oppose everything Trump would try to accomplish. After Trump’s inauguration, many Democrats including Sen. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, vowed to oppose Trump and his agenda. Now, Schumer, in his delusion, had the audacity to blame President Trump for the ‘partisan roadblock’ caused by Democrats.

Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer said President Trump has made little progress on legislation because he pushed a “hard-right” agenda and refused to work with Democrats.

“On the issue so fare — taxes and health care — he doesn’t consult us at all,” Mr. Schumer said on “Fox News Sunday.” “He puts together a plan that is very hard-right, special interest [and] wealth oriented and says the way to be bipartisan is to just support his plan. That’s not the way America works.”

“On so many of the major issues, they’ve gone at it alone,” said the New York Democrat.

Schumer’s actions are typical of many of DC’s Democrats. They are quick to cause trouble and then blame others for their own actions. Barack Obama was a professional blame shifter as is Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. Schumer joins the group of professional blame shifters. The sad part is that so many Americans will be gullible enough to believe him as he points the finger at Trump when it should be pointing at himself.

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