School Lesson Promotes Promiscuous Sex and Lying

America’s public school system has been busy indoctrinating America’s kids with liberal, perverse and anti-American ideology. With the removal of everything good about America from the public-school system, the voids have been replaced with sex, perversion, Islam, socialism and anti-American history and ideology.

The most recent example is a lesson question used in a high school class in Scotland County, Missouri. A student’s mother was shocked when she saw the problem given to her daughter. The problem reads:

“Prudence is thirty-four. She has had sex with twenty-one men and three women. After being celibate for three years, she meets Larry and a romance begins to develop. Larry is thirty-seven. One night he proposes that, things going the way he thinks they’re going between them, they talk about their sexual histories. Larry confesses to having slept with three women, one of who he married. She tells him that she was slept with three men. Larry is uncomfortable with this number, especially since Prudence is younger than he is. She amends it, saying that one was just heavy petting. Given Prudence’s reflexive need for approval and Larry’s clear ideas of how things should be, what percentage of the time will Prudence be inhibited in bed with Larry, and consequently fake orgasm to ease his pride?”

According to Todd Starnes of Fox News, the question was an excerpt for a book written by Stace Budzko titled, ‘How to Set a House On Fire’. The student’s mother was outraged and said that is the type of thing one would expect to find at a brothel, not in a high school English class for 15 and 16-year-olds. She emailed Starnes about the lesson question and told him that all she got from the school was a run-around, so she emailed him about it.

Starnes reached out to the school superintendent who told him that the teacher used to teach college and sometimes confuses lesson plans that would be used for 19 and 20-year-olds with what is appropriate for 15 and 16-year-olds. The superintendent called him back several hours later and reported that action had been taken care of and that it would never happen again.

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If this were an isolated incident, it could be chalked up just an honest mistake, but these kind of things have been happening frequently in public-schools all over the nation. In many places, liberals have infiltrated the public-school system and are using their classrooms to indoctrinate the young minds of YOUR kids.

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Mind you these are only a sample of the many cases of liberal brainwashing taking place in America’s public-schools. If you need more proof, take a look at the last election and how many young people voted for liberal or socialist candidates. Who were the ones protesting, weeping and destroying things when Donald Trump won the election? Who are the ones that walked out of college classes because they were so distraught over Trump’s win? Who are the ones that take to the streets every other weekend to protest something about Trump’s presidency?

They are all millennials who are the products of the public-school system. They are also the ones, who according to a recent survey, prefer socialism over capitalism (44% prefer socialism over capitalism). The same survey also revealed that only 4% of today’s millennials hold a biblical worldview.

It makes one wonder why anyone with any common sense or values would send their kids to public school if there was any possible way to either homeschool them or send them to a private school.

The most frightening thing of all of this is that these products of a very warped and agenda driven public-school system are tomorrow’s leaders.


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