SC House Votes for Concealed Carry Reciprocity – Kind Of

If you drive from one state to another, every state you travel through will recognize your state driver’s license as a valid license. However, if you have a concealed carry permit in one state, not every state will recognize it. New York is an anti-gun state so they refuse to recognize concealed carry permits from any other state. The South Carolina House passes a bill to recognize concealed carry permits from other states – kind of. A last-minute amendment specified that they will only recognize the concealed carry permits from states who recognize theirs.

I have never understood why some states do not recognize other states’ concealed carry permits. That is almost like saying they will not recognize drivers licenses from other states, either. It simply does not make sense. It is a government issue ID, so why is it not accepted everywhere in the country?

South Carolina house members are taking steps towards changing that, for their state anyway. They have voted to recognize permits from states that, in return, recognize SC’s permits. This would include all but 10 states, who do not acknowledge permits from any state but their own.

Post and Courier reports:

The reason states like New York won’t recognize the concealed carry permits from any other state is they hate guns and don’t want any guns in their state if given the opportunity to ban them all. They also make it much harder to obtain a concealed carry permit. Frankly, the Republican Congress needs to pass a nationwide constitutional carry bill which would do away with the need for any concealed carry permits and would standardize the law nationwide.

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